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Servicing & Repairs

Book a service now and discover the best way to keep your car healthy.

Importance of servicing your vehicle

  • Increases safety
  • Maintains performance
  • Retains vehicle value

Maintenance tips


Oil is the bloodline of an engine. Lubrication is tantamount to an engine’s health.

Replace engine oil regularly. Replacing air and fuel filters regularly is also advised to protect your engine.


Rotate your tyres including your spare regularly to achieve a more uniform wear.

Balance and align your tyres to avoid annoying steering vibrations and ensure even wear on all four tyres.

Check your pressure and enjoy fuel efficiency, improved tyre lifespan and safety.

Booking your Toyota service with us

Keeping your car healthy involves many things: regular servicing, using the right parts and putting your vehicle in the hands of someone who really cares and is a certified Toyota expert.

We are experts in Toyota car health, we know about keeping your Toyota in excellent condition.

We only ever use genuine parts and offer the best service in the country.

BR Toyota service offerings

  • Vehicle servicing
  • Full warranty and backup
  • Specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment
  • On-vehicle brake disc skimming
  • Wheel alignment, tyre fitting and balancing
  • Air con repairs and servicing using on of the latest recycling machines
  • Windscreen crack repairs
  • Access to comprehensive training
  • Free WiFi, tea and coffee whilst waiting for your vehicle
  • Roadside recovery offered in conjunction with Road Angels.